Hi I'm Paddy Mullen. If you are seeing this website in this state, hopefully you are a friend. I work for Continuum Analytics where I'm on the Wakari data analysis platform team. I'm a huge transit and biking fan so I decided to play with the data from the citibike nyc data.

Using Python, NumPy, Pandas, MatPlotlib, and google maps I have built some visualizations. All of my base data is from the citibike data feed stations.json. This feed lists all stations, their latitude/longitude, total number of docks, and number of available docks. It only lists the current data. I have been polling this feed and saving it once per minute since about day 3 of the citibike program. This data isn't exactly what I want, but it is enough to play with. It would be much better if I had information about each trip (start time, start station, end time end station), citibike hasn't published that data yet.

The source code for this site is up at citibike_data repo . There is also an executable IPython notebook up at Citibike_data_intro Notebook on Wakari.io.

most active stations in past day

most active stations in week

most active stations since system start

system summary

Total trips information